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How to learn steps quickly!

As a dancer, the ability to pick up choreography quickly is essential for success in the industry.

Not only does it make the rehearsal process more efficient and enjoyable for your colleagues, but it also demonstrates to directors and choreographers that you have a quick-thinking and adaptable brain.

Why should you pick up choreography quickly?

One of the primary reasons why dancers need to be able to pick up choreography quickly is to help make the rehearsal process more efficient. Dancers are often required to learn and perform multiple pieces of choreography for a single performance, and if one member of the company struggles to pick up the steps, it can hold the entire group back. This can cause time-consuming delays which can lead to frustration among the dancers and choreographers.

Being able to quickly learn and perform choreography is important for dancers because it shows directors and choreographers that they can adapt to new and challenging situations. These professionals want dancers who can easily handle new steps and movements. If a dancer can quickly learn and execute choreography, it demonstrates that they have good problem-solving skills and can think critically. These are important skills for any dancer who wants to succeed in the industry.

Class is your best tool !

One of the best ways to get better at picking up choreography is in your ballet or contemporary class. When you can quickly learn the exercises, it shows that you’re focused and paying attention . In class, there are usually groups for each exercise, when you force yourself to be in the first group you allow your brain to think faster and adapt to new steps more easily. The more you challenge yourself to be in the first group, the better you’ll get at remembering the exercises and the more confident you’ll feel.
It’s not just about how your body moves, – industry professionals like directors and choreographers also want to see how quickly you can follow along and learn new steps. Pay attention and challenge yourself.

The advantages of Learning Fast

The art of learning fast, will help you become a more desirable candidate during auditions.

For directors, time management is important and an efficient learner is a good prospect. Showcasing that skill, will give them more reasons to want to hire you, after all learning fast indicates you’re paying attention and paying attention indicates a good work ethic. In addition, being able to learn and adapt to new choreography quickly can open unexpected doors for you in your career.

Example: you might be able to jump in and take on a role that you weren’t originally cast for. This can lead to new opportunities and growth in your career.

How do you learn choreography best?

For some performers, picking up exercises and choreography can be a challenge.

Example: If you struggle defining your left from your right, it can be difficult for you to follow along while steps are being called out – left foot in-front, right arm up. In this case, it is important to find a way to learn that works for you.

Just like in school, there are various methods for learning new information, and the same goes for performers when it comes to learning movement:

  • by watching someone else perform the steps and memorizing them
  • by practicing the steps alongside another performer
  • by using the rhythm or the musicality or doing the steps to the music
  • by using visual cues for remembering left or right like wearing a hair tie on your left wrist or writing a letter like “a” on the side of your leg (if you write with your right hand, writing an ‘a’ on the side of your leg with your right hand will be a lot easier than with your left hand)

The key is to find the approach that works best for you and helps you remember the steps quickly and effectively.

In Conclusion...

The ability to quickly learn and execute choreography is essential for success as a performer. It not only streamlines the rehearsal process, but it also showcases your ability to adapt to new movements and think on your feet. Having a good understanding of the exercises taught in class can make the process of learning choreography much easier, allowing you to focus more on the quality of the steps. By finding the learning approach that works best for you and striving to pick up exercises more quickly in class, you can improve your ability to learn choreography swiftly and effectively during rehearsals, making you stand out from the rest.

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