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There is no better feeling than being prepared. When you’re at work it’s always great to know you are prepared for all situations. That is why we have created a list of things one should have at work: My Workplace must-haves. Download it for free below.

My top 8 favourites are:

1. Jewellery Travel Case

There is nothing worse than taking off your jewellery for shows or rehearsal and not being able to find it afterwards. Keep it all safe in this personalized jewellery case. 

2. Nail Set

Ever experienced the pain of untrimmed toenails digging into your pointe shoes? Ouch! That’s why a nail set is an essential workplace companion for handling nail emergencies.

3. My Season Calendar

Season planning is absolutely crucial! It not only helps prevent injuries but also reduces the risk of mental burnout.

For more insights on this topic, check out our article: ‘The Importance of Season Planning: Why You Should Plan, Plan, Plan!

4. Mobile Phone Charger

In today’s world, our phones play a significant role in our daily lives. Don’t forget to keep a cellphone charger at your workplace. I like this travel charger for its convenience and durability.


5. Mighty Mug

Non-spilling take away mug perfect for your morning coffee or your afternoon teas. Great for studios with no-spill feature.

6. Kinesiology Tape / Physio Tape

Prevention rather than cure. When you start experiencing lingering injuries or pain, it’s crucial to address them promptly. Utilizing kinesiology tape can be a helpful measure in preventing further injury, but it’s essential to research and ensure its correct application for optimal efficiency.

7. Make-up Brush Set

Having your own makeup brush set is super convenient because it saves you time and ensures you’ve got all your makeup tools right at your fingertips. No more hunting around or having to share brushes with others!

8. Sewing Kit

Quick, convenient, and a must-have for work! Perfect for those sewing emergencies like when your leotard strap suddenly gives way or you need to sew a new pair of ballet shoes.

In conclusion...

Just click here to download My Workplace Must-haves Checklist.

There’s nothing quite like the reassurance of being well-prepared for any situation.

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