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Dealing with rejection: Getting Cut

What to do when you don’t get the job and how to deal with 'failure'

Perhaps not every audition you will do will be successful. Dealing with that heartache can often be difficult. Know that it is not a failure but rather an opportunity for you to grow. Look at every situation as one with a silver lining.


Even though you never got the job you got to dance in front of new people. You dared to expose yourself and had the courage to dream. This is not failure but rather Growth. The rejection can be used to your advantage now.


How? You may ask:

Keep Calm
Dance on

Ask yourself...

What did I enjoy about the audition?

How did I feel?

What did I dislike?  

What could I change for next time?  

Did my nerves get in the way of me performing well?  

How can I improve for my future auditions?

Don't lose hope!

As dancers we put ourselves under a lot of pressure, auditioning and job hunting only adds to that. You need to acknowledge how far you got. Take a moment to appreciate your hard work for getting you at least that far. What feels like failure can be a very difficult feeling to overcome but don’t lose heart because your company, where you belong is out there. Keep searching, keep researching different companies and keep dancing. The more you look at these opportunities as growth rather than just a disappointment the more you will gain as an artist.   

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