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Confluence Ballet Company is accepting submissions
Confluence Ballet Company is accepting submissions
Pittsburgh Musical Theater
,United States

Our Trainee Program offers dancers the unique opportunity to continue their dance training in a professional environment alongside the Company Artists and Apprentices of Confluence Ballet Company. Created with the intention to help dancers with the transition from student life to a professional career, trainees will regularly take class with the company and participate in all company productions.


As a trainee, you will receive extensive training in both classical ballet and contemporary technique as well as supplemental training in other various styles throughout the season, ensuring dancers build the versatility and artistic quality needed in the professional dance world. Trainees will each be provided with a personalized progression plan unique to their individual correction needs, artistic development, and goals within the program. This plan will be updated monthly during a one-on-one meeting with the Directors of the Trainee Program to make adjustments to further their progress.


The main goal of the Trainee Program is to prepare trainees for a professional career. Trainees will be considered to be promoted into the company if and when there is an opening, however, such positions are not guaranteed. Time will also be allotted to help gather and create video materials necessary for auditions in order to allow trainees to take the next steps in their career.


CBC is a dancer-run company under the guidance of our Artistic Director, Lea Havas.  We are working toward revolutionizing the ballet world by prioritizing the dancers’ mental health and nurturing our artists in an inclusive, diverse environment of both tradition and innovation. Dancers 18 and over, who have finished high school, and are interested in auditioning for CBC can find the instructions below.


Why Train with Confluence?

  • Professional company experience
  • Guaranteed performance opportunities with the company
  • One-on-one meetings with individualized attention and corrections on personalized progression plans
  • Nurturing Environment
  • Prioritize Inclusion and Diversity
  • Dedicated time to create audition materials for following seasons
  • Possibility for being promoted into the company as an apprentice, and rising the ranks.


Admission & Tuition Fees

Participation in the Trainee Program is by audition only. See below for details regarding auditions. The tuition is $4,000, which includes a $400 (non-refundable) registration fee.


  1. Those who choose to audition in-person may schedule an audition during a company class on Mondays or Wednesdays. Email to schedule, along with a headshot, 2 dance photos (one on pointe), and resume.
  2. Those who are unable to audition in person, may choose to audition via an up-to-date video showing current technical and artistic abilities. Video(s) should include ballet class work (with center on pointe) and performance highlights (classical and contemporary) totaling no more than 15 minutes. Men should include partnering work in their video. Email with video link, headshot, 2 dance photos (one on pointe), and resume.


Daily Sample Schedule


9-9:45 Conditioning – 3x a week

10-11:30 Ballet technique (With Company on Mon/Wed)

11:45-1- Rehearsals OR 1 hr Pointe Class

1:30-3 Rehearsals with Company

Friday – Trainee Dedicated Day

10-11:30 Ballet technique

11:45-12:45/1 Pointe Class/Variations/ Filming for Auditions

1:30-2:30 Supplemental Style (Jazz, Modern, Improv, etc)

*Subject to change

Email submissions to:

Please submit your application by: August 10, 2023

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